the time is now. take the electric car pledge.

Be part of the mass adoption of zero emission transportation.

The 2° Institute is asking people to take the Electric Car Pledge. Climate scientists are warning us that we need to drastically reduce our carbon footprint and quiting fossil fuels is a necessity for every one of us. Please do your part and take the pledge that your next vehicle will be electric.

Make the transition to zero-emission personal transportation.

Why switch to electric cars?

The world's climate scientists are telling us that the planet doesn't have the luxury to wait for governments to "maybe" or "someday" mandate the lifestyle changes scientists believe need to happen. "The time is now for people to wake up from their daily routines and take personal action by making the necessary changes in their lifestyle and purchases that experts are saying must occur." says Ryan Logtenberg, Director of the 2° Institute. A transition away from a fossil fuel driven economy is one of those steps and thankfully individuals now have a choice to drastically reduce their own carbon footprint through a single decision of making the next car they buy an electric one.

With the anticipation of a new generation of 300km+ (200 mile) range electric vehicles in 2017 in a price range comparable to mass produced gas vehicles, it will now be easier than ever for the average middle-class consumer to make the leap to the new paradigm of zero emission personal transportation. To help individuals take this step, The 2° Institute is asking people to take the Electric Car Pledge: that when they are ready to shop for their next vehicle, that next vehicle they buy will be an electric one.

Why Take the Electric Car Plege?

By taking the pledge, you are making a real commitment that you will stop directly funding the fossil-fuel industry with your next car purchase. If you believe in what we are trying to do, please help by volunteering or making a one-time donation here. Your money will go towards funding a targeted online educational ad campaign and outdoor billboard campaign in major North American cities. The 2° Institute's Electric Car Pledge Campaign aims to garner one million pledges by the end of 2017 and ten million by 2020.



Percent of an average person's carbon footprint that comes from transportation (driving and flying). That's a big number that can be seriously reduced (depending on your electricity source), just by switching over to an electric car!



The percentage of vehicles in North America that are powered by fossil fuels. We need to replace these vehicles with electric and fast.


Estimated number of electric or plug-in electric cars in North America. We need to get this number up, big time. Pledge to make your next car electric.

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